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Our LED Scorer’s Table is for biggest and most exciting gyms in high school, colleges and universities. The PRO LED Scorers Table has the brightest display that’s completely seamless. You can put the most attention grabbing graphics, videos and advertisements on our LED scorers table. Settle only for the best LED Digital scorers table from Sideline Interactive.

Our PRO-LED scoring tables come in sections of 6ft, 8ft, 10ft or 12ft. You can mix different tables together to form a table of unlimited sizes with one seamless digital display. For example, get a 30ft table by combining three 10ft LED tables; or 24ft by combining three 8ft tables or two 12ft tables.


  • 8ft PRO-LED table
    8ft PRO-LED table
  • 10ft PRO-LED table
    10ft PRO-LED table at Pasadena High
  • 12ft LED at Aldine High
    12ft LED at Aldine High
  • 16ft LED table
    combine two 8ft LED tables together for one seamless 16ft table
  • 20ft LED table
    20ft LED table by combining two 10ft tables at McDonalds All American
  • 24ft LED at Ohio Christian
    24ft LED at Ohio Christian
  • 30ft LED table
    30ft LED table by combining three 10ft table at Dodge City High
  • 36ft LED table
    three 12ft tables to form 36ft LED table at Montana Western

Q: What’s the difference between PRO LED scorer’s table and the digital scoring table?

The PRO LED scoring table is meant for the customers who want the highest level quality, brightness and performance. The PRO LED table is made with LED modules that are will provide a seamless picture quality with up to 5 times the brightness of the digital HDTV scorer’s table. If you are broadcasting your games on television, then PRO LED scoring tables are the best ways of displaying advertisements. Contact us at 832-786-0302 to learn more about the pros and cons of each model.


Q: What’s the warranty for your PRO LED digital scorer’s table?

We offer a 5 year full warranty on all metal structure, hardware and electronics. See Full Warranty Details.


Q: Do you have options for payments for the LED scoring tables?

Yes. We can process your order for scoring tables with a signed order form or a school purchase order. Financing options for schools include: Half down plus shipping and 3 months to pay balance (giving you time to raise advertising sponsorships). Advertisers love the great way their advertising show up on the digital scorer’s table.


Q: What is the installation or setup time for your digital basketball scoring tables?
Our scoring tables come fully assembled. You will only need a power drill with a Philips bit to uncrate the table. Once the table is removed from its crate, just plug in the power and connect it to the pre-programmed laptop that’s included. You are ready to start using the table in less than 10 minutes.


Q: What tools are needed to assemble the LED scoring table?
No additional tools are needed. The scoring table comes fully assembled.


Q: Do you offer support and tutorials for the software and how to use the basketball scoring table?
Yes, we exceptional customer service for our current and future customers. All of our scoring tables come pre-configured for your specific school and we have video tutorials for the software. There is a web portal with videos and software updates for our customers. Call us at 832-786-0302 or send us an email at [email protected] We are in the office Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CST.


Q: How easy is it to use your LED scoring tables and software?
Very easy! You’ll be using our apps within 10 minutes of un-crating the scoring tables. Most schools have the Audio Visual class or a volunteer to run the tables. The laptop comes pre-configured for your school, loaded with templates for you to try out. We offer training and video tutorials to help you.


Q: How long does it take to receive a LED scorer’s table once I place an order?
The normal delivery time is 5-6 weeks. We customize the scoring table’s pad colors and sponsorship artwork for each order.