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Campo Verde High School in Arizona raised $15,000, in one year for their basketball team using Sideline Interactive’s Digital scorer’s…

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Sideline Interactive Offers the Premiere Scoring Tables and Video Boards on the Market.
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Our Digital (TV) Scoring Tables Include the Largest Monitors in the Industry along with our Custom Created GamePresenter Software
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Our Standard Pro LED tables include 4mm pixel pitch LED panels that are 20-25% brighter than competitors standard tables.
Our Scoring Table Construction is the Industry Standard. How many companies will let you do this on their tables?

Reviews from Our Raving Fans

We sold $30,000 of sponsorship on our Sideline Interactive scorer's table last season. We kept 100% of it
David Smola
Athletic Director, Cathedral Catholic High School, San Diego, CA
We paid for our scoring table within the first month. With Sideline’s high quality scoring table, we’ll be making money for the next 10 years.
Kevin Herron
Central Heights HS, TX
Sideline Interactive has the best scorer's table, best software, best service. Their digital scorer's table and service are AWESOME and wow our fans.
Ben Paul
Athletic Director, Monroeville High School, OH
Thank you so much. We love our Sideline Interactive scorers table. TOP NOTCH!!!!
Alex Stephenson
Athletic Director, Monroeville High School, OH
Head Coach, Dodd City High, Texas