Indoor Video Displays

Indoor LED Display

  • Standard sizes of 10' x 5', 12' x 6', 14' x 7' with Larger sizes available.
  • Super Bright 4mm Pitch LED panels. Over 20% brighter than competitors standard boards
  • High Definition Display with crisp vivid colors
  • Super wide 160 Degree Viewing Area. Can be seen from anywhere in the Gym
  • Unlimited Sponsorship Potential, Sell Commercial Spots for Time-outs, Change of Quarters, Half-Time, etc.
  • Watch Game film, HUDL, DVD's. Run training presentations for teachers. Use for Graduations, Assemblies, Pep Rallys, Signing days, Parent/Teacher Nights, etc.

Chandler Video Board

Norwalk Table and Board

Software FEATURES:

  • •Proprietary Gamepresenter software with provided laptop
  • •Unlimited advertising programs for each sport
  • •Individual team profiles with one button drop down to maneuver between presentation
  • •One button player and crowd prompts customized for each team. Presentation resumes where it left off
  • •Instant music connect hardwire or blue tooth to gym sound system
  • •Customize music playlist for pre-game, half-time, time-outs, etc.
  • •Instant message feature to alert fans of important urgent information
  • •Digital scoreboards for basketball, volleyball, wrestling
  • •Built in practice timer
  • •OPTIONAL FEATURE – Sync display to most Major scoreboard brands including Daktronics, Spectrum, Electro-mesh, OES and Many others


  • •4 millimeter LED- The clearest and brightest LED display in the market! 20%-25% more clear than any other competitor.
  • •Rated 100,000 hours of use- equivalent to 33 years
  • •UNLIMITED SIZE- you tell us how big you want it, we can build it!
  • •Over 1.2 million colors

We sold $30,000 of sponsorship on our Sideline Interactive scorer's table last season. We kept 100% of it

David Smola
Athletic Director, Cathedral Catholic High School, San Diego, CA

We paid for our scoring table within the first month. With Sideline’s high quality scoring table, we’ll be making money for the next 10 years.

Kevin Herron
Central Heights HS, TX

Sideline Interactive has the best scorer's table, best software, best service. Their digital scorer's table and service are AWESOME and wow our fans.

Ben Paul
Athletic Director, Monroeville High School, OH

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