Outdoor Video Displays

Outdoor LED Displays

  • Unlimited size Seamless Picture, Brightest Images
  • High Definition Display with Crisp vivid colors
  • Run unlimited sponsorship and advertising, action pictures, game film highlights
  • Can be seen from anywhere in the gym, super wide viewing angles of more than 150 degrees
  • Multi-purpose Video Board. Use for Graduation, Band Concerts, Open Houses, Dedications, Anything that happens at your Stadium
  • Add Board to existing Scoreboard or Create All in One Video Display/Scoreboard. Real Time Synchronization with Current Scoreboard


  • •Proprietary Gamepresenter software with provided laptop
  • •Unlimited advertising programs for each sport
  • •Individual team profiles with one button drop down to maneuver between presentation
  • •One button player and crowd prompts customized for each team. Presentation resumes where it left off
  • •Instant music connect hardwire or bluetooth to Stadium sound system
  • •Customize music playlist for pre-game, half-time, time-outs, etc.
  • •Instant message feature to alert fans of important urgent information
  • •Built in practice timer
  • •OPTIONAL FEATURE – Sync display to most Major scoreboard brands including Daktronics, Spectrum, Electro-mesh, OES and Many others


  • •4 millimeter LED- The clearest and brightest LED display in the market! 20%-25% more clear than any other competitor.
  • •Rated 100,000 hours of use- equivalent to 33 years
  • •UNLIMITED SIZE- you tell us how big you want it, we can build it!
  • •Over 1.2 million colors

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