Hardin Jefferson’s new Basketball Scoring Table

Hardin Jefferson's new Basketball Scoring Table

Check out Hardin Jefferson’s new digital basketball scorer’s table!  They are pumped to fundraise with the new scoring table and have a great way to coach players!  The digital scoring table has been a great fundraising tool. They paid for their basketball digital table within 30 days. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WrRePlh9KNQ

We sold $30,000 of sponsorship on our Sideline Interactive scorer's table last season. We kept 100% of it
David Smola
Athletic Director, Cathedral Catholic High School, San Diego, CA
We paid for our scoring table within the first month. With Sideline’s high quality scoring table, we’ll be making money for the next 10 years.
Kevin Herron
Central Heights HS, TX
Sideline Interactive has the best scorer's table, best software, best service. Their digital scorer's table and service are AWESOME and wow our fans.
Ben Paul
Athletic Director, Monroeville High School, OH

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