Generate $10,000 or More Per Year with a Scorers Table or Video Board

Advertising Plan for Generating Revenue with a Scorers Table or Video Board

We put together this outline with suggestions for how you can generate $10,000 or more, year after year, to help you make your decision on what type of Scorers Table or Video Board to purchase for your gym.


We want to make sure that you know exactly how you will be able to use your table and video board to pay for the purchase cost and then use it to generate substantial advertising revenue year after year.

If you do purchase a table or video display from Sideline Interactive, we will give you our detailed comprehensive and proprietary plan for utilizing your Scorers Table to generate sponsorship plan.  We only provide that plan to our paid customers, and we are looking forward to you becoming one when you are ready!

The outline in this document includes:
(You can the samples at the end of this article)


1. Top six recommendations for finding sponsors

2. Sample Sponsorship Flyer

3. Sample Sponsorship Flyer for a PRO-LED Scorers Table

4. Sample Sponsorship Flyer for a Digital Scorers Table

5. A sample starter advertising agreement that you can amend to fit your needs


Sideline Interactive’s top 6 recommendations for acquiring sponsors for a Scorers Table or Video Board


1. Do what you can to get three or four ads running at your start of school events in your gym.


You will be surprised how many advertisers will come up to you after they come into your gym and see an ad while they attend their child’s game.  Once you have an advertiser signed for one school year, the vast majority of businesses will continue to sponsor you year after year. All it takes is getting the first 4 ads into your program, and other businesses will follow.

2. Offer any current sponsors the opportunity to become early adopters in your new technology. 


Make sure to call the sponsors in your game night programs, current wall signs, schedule calendars, or any other current means of sponsorship revenue that you have.  Let them know that you have invested in the brightest and most dazzling scorers table and video display technology. You are offering them the first opportunity to participate. The advertisement will be in front and center of the action!

3. Use your current assets- players and parents

Take a roster of all your players in your gym sports (basketball- boys & girls, volleyball, wrestling, esports) and all the levels (varsity, JV, Middle School, Little Dribblers).  Get all the parents of the players together as well as all the boosters.  Include cheerleaders, flag guards, and any other programs in the gym.

Create a list of all the businesses that each parent owns or knows very well.  Which businesses are locally owned and want to be in front of the school community?  Solicit from all these businesses using telephone, emails and letters.  Create a dollar goal to solicit from each business from your list. Give a sponsorship goal or assignment to each parent.

Most athletic programs have between 80-120 players between all sports teams. You should have a list of over 100 businesses that you can solicit. Make each player come up with a minimum of 2 businesses that they feel they have a strong personal relationship with.

4. Use Sideline’s Suggested Ad Rate Sheet and Products


We built an ad-rate program based upon our experience in working with schools in different population, socio-economics, booster club support and popularity of school athletics.

Use our ad rate and product sheet as a menu where you can selectively customize for your program. Keep in mind that parents with large businesses and kids in an athletic program are MAJOR SPONSORS.  As well, remember your gym is a positive encouraging environment where the local community gathers.  Your gym is a critical place for businesses to reach the local community.

Here’s a conservative estimate for setting goals with running your own advertising plan:



Over 2,000 students, metro area; or fanatic booster program


Between 700-2,000 students

Average economics



Less than 400 students or less developed area

Premier Sponsorship PACKAGE

[email protected]$2,000= $4,000

[email protected]$1,400=$2,800

[email protected]$1,200=$2,400


[email protected]$600=$9,000

[email protected]$500=$7,500

[email protected]$450=$4,500


[email protected]$500=$1,000

[email protected]$350=$700



[email protected]$900=$1,800

[email protected]$700=$1,400

[email protected]$600=600


[email protected]$100=$1,500

[email protected]$100=$1,500

[email protected]$50=$500









These are conservative estimates. As with anything worthwhile, the harder you work at it, the more successful you will be.  Sideline Interactive is here to help you with the best tools and most exciting way to do it!

Sell your ad package as a year round all inclusive gym sports (basketball- girls and boys, volleyball, wrestling, cheer events, etc.), and it includes all the tournaments and district plays.

5. Include your School Profile/Letter and Team Schedule


As you compile your fundraising letter, be prepared to answer the questions that will be on the mind of the advertisers:

·         What is the business getting in return?

·         How does have an ad in the gym benefit the business?

·         Who will see the ads?

·         What type of people come to the gym?

·         Do the parents and students patronize their business?

The great answer to all these questions is YES! Students and parents are the pillars of the local community. Students and their families spend more money than any other groups.  As well, more people attend the gym sports than football or any other sport. In fact, more people attend high school sports than professional sports by more than 3 times!

Get an estimate of the total attendance for all your gym sports and include it in your fundraising letter. Businesses will realize that advertising in your gym is the most cost effective, easiest way to stay in front of the local community.

Where else can a business reach hundreds of parents, visitors, and students on a regular basis?  Where else can businesses advertise in a positive encouraging environment?  Only your school can deliver on these results! Your school is uniquely positioned to be the great advertising ground for the local community.

Use our sample fundraising letter and customize to your school needs.  Include the Team Schedule for basketball and volleyball to show the large number of events and attendance you will have in your gym.


6. Get Creative!


As you put together photographs or need food for tournaments, or travel arrangements, you may consider bartering services. Barter a photography ad in exchange for high quality headshot photos of your players. Barter a restaurant ad for food during a tournament.

Create new products for advertisement, such as an ad that shows during time-outs, or half-time. Put together a Game Day Sponsorship where the businesses get front row seat and free concessions.  After you get familiar with Sideline’s ad plan, contact us to discuss new creative ideas.



·         Use your players, parents, and boosters. Hold each of them accountable for a goal of at least signing
             up one business or providing you with easy leads

·         Sell your PREMIERE sponsorships for the highest value you can.

·         Customize our suggested ad rate plan for your school. 

·         Include your tournaments, district plays, or anything other events that will draw large audiences.

·         Your school is in a unique position to promote local businesses to the community.  It is a positive,
              engaging environment. You have a valuable advertising opportunity in your gym!

·         Get creative in creating new advertising opportunities.  Barter!

·         Work together as a team with all sports- basketball- girls and boys, volleyball, and wrestling.  Sell
              advertising as a team!

Here are the downloads we promised for the sample sponsorship flyers:

Sample Sponsorship Flyer

Sample Sponsorship Flyer for an LED Scorers Table

Sample Sponsorship Flyer for a Digital Scorers Table

A sample starter advertising agreement that you can amend to fit your needs

We sold $30,000 of sponsorship on our Sideline Interactive scorer's table last season. We kept 100% of it
David Smola
Athletic Director, Cathedral Catholic High School, San Diego, CA
We paid for our scoring table within the first month. With Sideline’s high quality scoring table, we’ll be making money for the next 10 years.
Kevin Herron
Central Heights HS, TX
Sideline Interactive has the best scorer's table, best software, best service. Their digital scorer's table and service are AWESOME and wow our fans.
Ben Paul
Athletic Director, Monroeville High School, OH

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A scorers table or LED video board from Sideline Interactive can help you promote your players on game night, generate excitement in your gym, and help you raise $10,000 or more each year to improve your budget.  


And, if financing is a problem, we offer two school year, no fee, no interest financing to allow you to get your fundraising technology going and raise the money to pay for it before your final payment is due.  


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