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Dan Comeau, CMAA shares some Media Tips for AD's.

This article is a follow up for athletic director and coaches of all sports on our post for basketball coaches:

Dan Comeau, CMAA shares some Media Tips for Ad’s.

These takeaways from the Educational AD Podcast are posted with the permission of Podcast Host Jake Von Scherrer.

The majority of guests are Athletic Directors, but our takeaways are all essential qualities for coaches to practice and develop as well.

If you are interested in learning more about the podcast or contacting Jake if you have an interest in possibly being a guest on the show, you can contact Jake on his Twitter Account:

Each episode is also posted on the Educational AD YouTube Channel

These notes are a compilation of Jake’s video post Mentoring Minute #17 with Dan Comeau, CMAA and Chair of the FIAAA’s Mentoring Committee.



How to deal with media venues.

“You’re going to deal with newspapers, you’re going to deal with radio, and you’re going to deal with television. They’re going to ask you questions about your opponents, about your coaches, parents and athletes in either a positive or a negative way.  You know, you get into situations where you may have to defend or justify an action of a coach, or an athlete and you want to do it in a professional way.” Watch video clip.

How to handle phone calls.

“You’ll get a call from a parent and I’m sure it’s not to congratulate you on a job well done, but what you need to look at is they’re going to call and complain their child’s not playing enough and the coaches doesn’t like my son my daughter and you have to put a buffer in between you and the call.  If you have a secretary have them, take the information down so that you know what the problem is and don’t call them right back let them simmer give it the 24-hour rule.” Watch video clip.

How to handle e-mail.

“When you get emails, respond don’t react. It’s not the way to do it. Let’s cool down to get the facts and then answer it in a professional way. Your response has to be positive and professional even if you need discipline somebody your emails are all public record.  Just know that the press can ask for them, the parents can ask for them and all emails at the school level are public record so make sure that you keep yourself clean and you’re not throwing your coaches or athletes or parents under the bus.” Watch video clip.

How to handle social media.

 “I think is the most important part of this this comment is to discourage your coaches from getting onto social media and having it out with other coaches from other teams.”  “Encourage your coaches to tell your kids to stay off of social media in negative form about the other teams.”  Watch video clip.



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