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Sideline Interactive's most affordable digital scoring tables is the best scorer's table in its class. For your basketball, volleyball, wresting and any athletics in junior high, high school or college and university gym and athletic facilities. Our years of innovations will provide you the best scorers table at the best value. With its all metal body and shatterproof polycarbonate protection, our score table is meant to be reliably used year after year. Our GamePresenter software is easy to use, can be integrated with your gym sound system and scoreboards.  You can also use the Sideline Interactive's score table to watch game film, instant replay and so much more.

scorers table10ft digital

The 10ft DUALVIEW (tm) scorers table: Step it up with big time 10ft digital basketball scoring table. It has all around game of displaying unlimited sponsorships, player pictures, and variety ways of displaying any information and graphics. The 10FT basketball scorer's table has 8ft digital display with two static signs. The screens can be configured to run together as one large 8ft display or two independent screens.

digital scorers table explosion

The 12ft TRIPLEVIEW (tm) basketball score table: all 12ft of digital sweetness display for the biggest basketball scoring table and the most exciting environment. Expandable to wrap the entire gym with our digital scorer tables that can be connected together. The screens can be configured to run together as one large 12ft display or three independent screens. This scorer's table is BIG-TIME.

Sideline Interactive is an OFFICIAL PARTNER of NABC / WBCA, national associations of Men’s and Women’s basketball coaches.


You can create an limitless amount of advertising and sponsorship plan using Sideline Interactive's scorers table. Below are some examples; the possibilities are limitless.

Digital Ads- you can configure how long each advertisement stays on the screen and how often it plays, you can insert unlimited number of ads

Interactive Crowd Prompts- whenever a THREE POINT, TIMEOUT, FREE THROW, ACE or other events happen during the game, you can light up the scorer's table with graphics and animations for more sponsorship value and excitement!

Commercials and Video- Sideline Interactive's scorers table can play commercials and videos anytime. As well audio can sent from the scorers table to the gym audio system.

Player Roster Pictures- highlight athletes using their roster pictures, bio and highlight film as part of the starting line up announcement or whenever the athlete checks in or out at the scorer's table.

Personal Ads- unlimited number of player roster pictures, video highlights, and best wishes from family and friends.

Tournament and Day Sponsorships- Sideline's scorers table can be customized quickly for special tournaments, then revert back to regular season use.

  • Digital TV Monitors
  • Can be expanded to have images and animation run across unlimited number of monitors
  • True multi-monitor support- one image can stretch across (span) multiple monitors (not same image displayed on two monitors). Our tables can be also configured to display different images on different monitors
  • Monitor resolution of 4K resolution with ability to split screens or combine screens together
  • Angled front tilt design
ALL METAL CONSTRUCTION with heavy duty laminate table top
Powder coated finish for maximum strength, durability and lasting appearance
Heavy duty Polycarbonate protection
Multiple pad color options in marine quality vinyl

Removable Possession Arrow
Fitted Covers
Optional Features: Remote Control, Unattended Mode

Heavy duty casters wheels with locking capability
110 Volt AC power required, surge protector included
Includes full laptop with all software- GamePresenter software, graphics templates, starting lineup app, video game film replay



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What’s the warranty for your interactive digital scorer’s table?

We offer a 5 year full warranty on all steel body frame and electronics. 1 year on software/technical support. See Full Warranty Details. You can purchase extended warranty for electronics/software/technical support. Please contact your sales rep for extended warranty information.


Q: Do you have options for payments for the scoring tables?

Yes. We can process your order for scoring tables with a signed order form or a school purchase order. Financing options for schools include: Half down plus shipping and 3 months to pay balance (giving you time to raise advertising sponsorships). Advertisers love the great way their advertising show up on the digital scorer’s table.


Q: What is the installation or setup time for your digital basketball tables?
Our scoring tables come fully assembled. You will only need a power drill with a Philips bit to uncrate the table. Once the table is removed from its crate, just plug in the power and connect it to the pre-programmed laptop that’s included. You are ready to start using the table in less than 10 minutes.


Q: What tools are needed to assemble the scoring table?
No additional tools are needed. The scoring table comes fully assembled.


Q: Do you offer support and tutorials for the software and how to use the basketball scorer’s table?
Yes, we offer exceptional customer service for our current and future customers. All of our scoring tables come pre-configured for your specific school and we have video tutorials for the software. There is a web portal with videos and software updates for our customers. Call us at 832-786-0302 or send us an email at [email protected] We are in the office Mon-Fri 8am-5pm CST.


Q: How easy is it to use your scoring tables and software?
Very easy! You’ll be using our apps within 10 minutes of uncrating the scoring tables. Most schools have the Audio Visual class or a volunteer to run the tables. The laptop comes pre-configured for your school, loaded with templates for you to try out. We offer training and video tutorials to help you.


Q: How long does it take to receive a scorer’s table once I place an order?
The normal delivery time is 3-4 weeks. We customize the scoring table’s pad colors and sponsorship artwork for each order.


We offer LED video boards that can be seen from both sides of the gym. All in Stunning HD quality and vivid colors. Go to

Our LED video board are fully integrated with our digital scorers tables for ease of use.


Contact our support for assistance with your basketball scorer’s table at [email protected] or contact your sales rep.