Two Different Schools- Same Fundraising Success with Digital Basketball Table

LEARN HOW TWO DIFFERENT SCHOOLS (LARGE METRO AND SMALL RURAL) FUNDRAISE SUCCESSFULLY WITH SIDELINE INTERACTIVE’S DIGITAL SCORING TABLES Jay Gifford of Dodge City, KS and Dave Hancock of South Eugene, OR talk about their fundraising experience for their basketball and volleyball program using the LED and digital table from Sideline Interactive.  See the post and […]

The Business of High School Sports Sponsorships

The Business of High School Sports Sponsorships   It’s no longer a secret that high school athletic programs across the country are bringing in the cash. But it’s just how much cash they are generating that’s raising eyebrows. The power of sponsorships has never been greater at the high school level for athletic programs, but […]

How Campo Verde High Raised $15,000 In One Basketball Season

Campo Verde High School in Arizona raised $15,000 in one year for their basketball team using Sideline Interactive’s digital scorer’s table and fundraising methods. They kept 100% of the fundraising. Below is an interview with Vicki McLay, booster club president, and proud parent of an athlete on the Campo Verde basketball team. She shares with us […]

Interactive Digital Scoring Table: Easy Effective Fundraising

Easy and Effective Fundraising With Sideline Interactive Digital Scorer’s Table and LED Video Display Boards Fundraising is a big part of any high school or collegiate program. In many cases programs wouldn’t exist without the kindness of donors, supporters and good fundraising practices. There are many different ways to create fundraising campaigns, but most of […]

Creating an Exciting Gym with Digital Scoring Table

One thing all high school, college and even professional athletic programs have in common is they want to create an environment to attract both the best athletes and fans. Different gadgets, games and contests can be incorporated between timeouts and halftime, but those generally don’t have anything to do with enhancing the actual game environment […]

How To Choose A Scorer’s Table

As Athletics Director or Coach of basketball/volleyball program, you want to elevate your game environment to be the most exciting, positive place for fans. You want to recognize athletes, school spirit, and the community that comes out to support sports. You’ve tried banners, program guides and coupons to make it exciting and fundraise at the […]

PRO LED scoring table

The PRO-LED scoring table has seamless 5 millimeter pitch LED that is high definition quality with the bright crisp graphics that will blow your audience away. See more at

Innovative Digital Down Marker LED

The digital down marker with LED for super bright visibility anywhere on the football field. Sideline Interactive’s eDown is the leader for digital down markers. See more at

Hardin Jefferson’s new Basketball Scoring Table

Check out Hardin Jefferson’s new digital basketball scorer’s table!  They are pumped to fundraise with the new scoring table and have a great way to coach players!  The digital scoring table has been a great fundraising tool. They paid for their basketball digital table within 30 days.